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Gail Hawking Professional Counselling - Phillip Island

EFT – Emotionally Focussed Therapy

Relationships can be rewarding, but also challenging.  We are looking for a connection with someone we trust and know that we can rely on to share our lives and deepest longings with. 

So what gets in the way? Often the way we have learnt to protect ourselves from being hurt is to fight harder or perhaps to shut down and withdraw, either of these responses only succeeds in creating more distance and leaving us lonely.

By this stage, a negative pattern of communicating has developed and our Relationship is likely in distress.  Couples only experience their relationship as conflicted, they don’t feel connected and don’t know how to talk to their partner.  They both experience the other as ‘the enemy’.

Making sense of why we feel the way we do and how we got there, is the journey we take in EFT and is the beginning of changing our experience and deepening the connection with our Partner.


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